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Behind the scenes of the Collection

Acquapazza is an Italian Bathroom furniture brand. Their products combine taste, design and functionality.

Acquapazza was created by Bruna Buglione and her charisma is a valid addition and the driving energy of this brand. All her team thrive on their passion for design and extreme care to satisfy their clients’ needs and requests. Highly professional individuals who work with thorough rigour in an informal atmosphere.

Acquapazza mission is a high quality modular production!
Highly performing elements and elegantly refined.
Every product is manufactured through an alternating process of highly precise mechanical operations and manual finishing touches, and it is always personalised and made to measure. From the first DuPont™ Corian® collection to the full designer bathroom concept the development has been spontaneous and natural following the market request.

The vast possibility to personalize their products through the use of materials, finishing touches, colours and models, allows them to develop and furniture concept which absolutely tailor made. Before the order there is only a ‘luscious cloth’ and it is only after the client’s wish that this cloth takes shape and colour to fit and blend in with the environment which will embrace it.
Acquapazza’s production is looked after bsolid srl, a well established Corian® laboratory, partner to duPont™ and an avant-garde industrial site itself.


Bruna Buglione

Italian entrepreneur, co-founder of acquapazza®, her passion for design, the immense care for customer satisfaction, are reflected in all those who are part of her team. His charisma is the strategy and the energy of this brand.


Mariah Gennarelli Buglione

The second generation of the Buglione family, a young specializing in marketing and communication, passionate about fashion and photography, takes care of the image of the company, through policies and strategies of the social world.


Giovanni Buglione

Impeccable management engineer, co-founder of acquapazza®, always leading the production of family companies, specialized in the production of high quality, performing, and finely finished elements.
Serial production of quality is its mission.


Rosa Di Somma

Affirmed architect, with experience in foreign markets, “explorer” of new materials, acquapazza stylist, who has always been passionate about production, has led an important research path in the company, focused on quality and elegance expressed in her collections. He is the head of the technical office.

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